Boat Detailing Price List 

25' or less runabout or open bow boats

Full Detail                                                                                                     $15/ft+

Full Detail plus buffing                                                                                  $20/ft+

Full Detail plus buffing and heavy compounding                                              $25/ft+

Interior only                                                                                                  $7/ft+

Exterior only                                                                                                 $7/ft+

Clean boat cover and apply water repellant                                                    $3/ft+

Wet sanding                                                                                                 $ visual estimate


25' or more cabin cruisers

Full Detail  no cabin                                                                                       $16/ft+

Full Detail with cabin                                                                                      $18/ft+

Full Detail plus buffing                                                                                   $22/ft+

Full Detail plus buffing and heavy compounding                                               $28/ft+

Interior detail only, including cabin                                                                  $8/ft+

Exterior Detail only                                                                                         $8/ft+

Clean boat cover, apply water repellant                                                           $3/ft+

Wet sanding                                                                                                   $ visual estimate


Pontoon Boats

Full Detail                                                                                                       $10/ft+

Interior only, mildew removal                                                                           $8/ft+

Exterior only                                                                                                   $3/ft+

Remove mildew from boat cover, apply water repellant                                     $4/ft+


Wave Runners

Full Detail                                                                                                        $75+



Visual estimates only



Prices are dependent on boat size and condition. Service does not include algae stain removal, polishing or wax. *Call for estimate & complete details